02. Transportation

Streamline Transportation Services and Enhance Security

High-traffic areas require high-functioning technology. From airports to train stations, Altumint’s technology can be used to gain quantitative insights to enhance operations, address capacity and flow issues, and quickly resolve security breaches

Vehicular traffic can be optimized through the use of smartly deployed vehicle recognition stations from neighborhoods to highways, and controlling signals, HOV lanes, and overhead messaging.



Gather intelligence on how passengers move and interact, use retail and amenities, and identify troubling bottle-necks or security issues using video surveillance. Our automated person detector allows you to quickly and efficiently identify suspicious behaviour, enhancing the safety and security of all of your passengers. Our multi-feature tracker and heat map tools enables you to optimize layouts and optimize flow.

Operational Data

Key features

Automated person detector
Edge embedded or cloud-based AI networks
Time indexing by location and/or characteristic
Classification by group, flow, and interaction
Turnkey indoor or outdoor installation

Traffic Flow

Gather intelligence on traffic flow and problem areas, congestion, or security issues using video surveillance. Our automated vehicle recognition allows you to quickly and efficiently identify vehicular trajectories, observe heat maps, and optimize traffic.

Optimized Traffic Flow

Key features

Edge embedded AI networks
5 lanes of coverage
Hot list real time alerts & API integration
Turnkey roadside installation
24/7/365 all-weather coverage
Cloud database access & storage