04. Education

Create Smarter, Safer Campuses and School-Yards

Campus safety is an ongoing, growing concern. Luckily, you can leverage Altumint’s technology to enhance the security of your campus and gather data insights to improve overall operations. Additionally, our traffic technology can be used on campuses and school-yards to prevent accidents in these high-traffic pedestrian areas.



Leverage video surveillance and automated person detection to gain a better understanding of security threats on your campus, and to quickly and efficiently solve crimes, address emergency incidents, and enhance your student’s overall security.

Campus Security

Key features

Automated person detector
Edge embedded AI networks
Time indexing by location and/or characteristic
Classification by group, flow, and interaction
Forensic tools by PC or mobile device
Turnkey indoor or outdoor installation


Not only can our traffic violation and management technology be used by law enforcement, it’s also a key solution used in high-traffic pedestrian areas (such as schools) to better manage intersections and keep children safe. With video technology that can classify objects as well as men, women and children, you can leverage AI technology for automated real-time crossings and intersection control.

Child Safety

Key features

Automated vehicle recognition
Violation detection and recording
Vehicle and license plate recognition
MVA database automated retrieval
Match verification
Crossing or traffic signal control