01. Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Automated Solutions to Help Solve Crime and Keep Communities Safe

Video surveillance has never been a more powerful tool for law enforcement. With advanced analytics technology, surveillance can be leveraged to create safer roadways, improve violation enforcement, and accelerate criminal investigations.

Law Enforcement


Our systems use AI to provide fully automated system detection and processing of traffic violations, including fully automated vehicle recognition. With 5-lane coverage and the ability to capture 18,000+ vehicles per hour, you can also use enforcement points as vehicle recognition sites for 100% capture of license plates and vehicle characteristics.

Traffic Enforcement

Key features

Violation detection and recording

Speed, red light, and school-bus stop arm, using AI plus precision Lidar or 4D radar where needed, plus 4K UHD video recording. Fixed and portable systems.

Automated vehicle and license plate recognition

Real time AI-based reading of 50 states license plates, with automated brand, color, and type of vehicle determination.

MVA database automated retrieval

Law enforcement pre-approved automated retrieval of violating vehicle information for all 50 states.

Match verification

Automated multiple-field assurance of correct information.

Automated citation generation after law-enforcement approval

Fastest violation-to-citation process in the industry, maximizing enforcement efficiency and public safety.


With Pro-AVR for multiple lanes at a rate of 18000 + vehicle traffic per appliance, law enforcement can receive instantaneous alerts from hot list matches, or recent alerts, including trajectory maps of vehicles of interest throughout a fully instrumented area.


Key features

Edge embedded AI networks
5 lanes of coverage
Hot list real time alerts & API integration
Turnkey roadside installation
24/7/365 all-weather coverage
Cloud database access & storage

Forensic Analysis
& Investigations

With our Pro-APD automated person detection and Time Crunch time synthesis and search functionality, you can quickly review hundreds of hours of video surveillance to identify specific persons and synthesize specific actions over multiple days and from multiple camera angles. These powerful tools are essential to the acceleration of criminal investigations.

Forensic Analysis & Investigations

Key features

Automated person detector
Edge embedded AI networks
Time indexing by location and/or characteristi—Ā
Classification by group, flow, and interaction
Forensic tools by PC or mobile device
Turnkey indoor or outdoor installation